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 Junior's Ballfighter 19 Tennis Racquet [2017]


Junior's Ballfighter 19 Tennis Racquet [2017]

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Babolat's Ballfighter 19 inch tennis racquet is a great racquet for beginning junior players to learn the basics of the game. Babolat's Memo Grip is a great teaching tool for coaches and a great memory tool for students teaching them to hold the racquet at the base of the grip. The length of the grip is 5.2 inches (13cm) for two handed placement.

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A low-density and corrosion-resistant metal with good durability and conductivity properties.

Memo Grip

Memo Grip is a color-coding system used on the butt cap of racquet handle. It's serves as a memory tool for the pupil and the instructor, which teaches a child to maintain hand positions, taught by their instructor.

Material: Aluminum
Head Size 620 cm² / 96 sq. in.
Length 48.3 cm / 19 in.
Grip 3-5 / 8 inches
Weight 157 grams / 5.5 ounces
Product ID#: 24512758

Junior's Ballfighter 19 Tennis Racquet [2017]

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