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 Force 145 Squash Racquet [2016]


Force 145 Squash Racquet [2016]


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The Force 145 Squash Racquet from Wilson is a high power racquet with high vibration reduction for comfort during play. The racquet head and handle are completely separate, with a cushioning polymer between them. This joint allows the head to flex a little bit for improved control. This racquet will help the player with stability, control and comfort!

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Basalt fiber has strength properties much higher than fiberglass and better damping properties. Basalt is produced in a clean, pure process consisting of high heat and absent of toxic additives. Not only is it safer for humans, it s easier to recycle.


A light-weight, corrosion-resistant and strong material that can be formed into almost any shape desired and fine-tuned for specific strength where it is needed while allowing flexibility in other sections.

Construction: Basalt | Carbon
Head Size: 499 cm.sq
Frame Weight: 145g
Balance: 36.6mm
String Pattern: 12x18
Comfortable grip
Product ID#: 24632754

Force 145 Squash Racquet [2016]

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