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 E<Font>Z</Font>O<Font>N</Font>E D<Font>R</Font> 98 Tennis Racquet Frame [2016]


EZONE DR 98 Tennis Racquet Frame [2016]

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The new generation of EZONE, for the next generation. Command the court with the EZONE DR 98 Tennis Racquet by Yonex. Breaking the mould with the world s first tennis racquet to feature premium grade Nanometric DR carbon graphite, the EZONE DR gives players increased flex and repulsion plus a larger sweet spot for dynamic power.

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Isometric is a square head frame design employed by Yonex, that involves equalizing the length of the main and cross strings in the string bed. This head shape promotes increased stability and creates a bigger sweet spot to enhance control.

Oval Pressed Shaft

O.P.S. Manufacturing technology introduces rounder shaft corners providing an ideal level of flex, whilst a wider shaft face increases stability - resulting in extended ball dwell time for optimized ball spin and directional control

Dual Shut System

Improves comfort and control with every stroke improves comfort and control with every stroke

Graphite [Tennis]

Modern day tennis rackets are made from a high modulus graphite, which is used to keep the frame lightweight and stiff for increased racket head stability and performance. These graphites and/or carbon fibres allow for more aerodynamic shapes to be made which increases the speed in which the racket can travel through the air. The use of these materials in racket manufacture, allow the tennis rackets to be strung at higher stringing tensions without weakening the frame. High string tensions are used by tennis players to gain more control and feel from their tennis rackets.

Nanometric Dr

A highly flexible and highly resilient material that is designed to snap back on ball contact, creating a higher velocity shot.

Super Cushion Grip

The Super Cushion Grip minimizes vibration. The cushioning performance of the grip helps protect the wrist, forearm and elbow against shock-induced injuries.

Material: H.M. Graphite | Nanometric DR
Dual Shut System
O.P.S. (Oval Pressed Shaft)
Aero shape
Head Size: 98 | Isometric™ frame shape
Grip Size: G1. / LG1. | Super cushion grip
Weight: G: 310g/10.9oz | LG: 285g/10.1oz | Length: 27.0 in.
Width Range: 23.0mm / 24.0mm / 19.0mm
Balance Point: G:310mm / LG:330mm
Rec. String: POLYTOUR FIRE 125 / POLYTOUR PRO125 / ATG850P
Stringing Pattern: 16/19 | Stringing Advice: 45-60 lbs
Product ID#: 24737538

EZONE DR 98 Tennis Racquet Frame [2016]

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