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 Q<Font>S</Font>T Lux 92 Ski [2018]
 Q<Font>S</Font>T Lux 92 Ski [2018]


QST Lux 92 Ski [2018]

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Dominate in all your winter playgrounds with the QST Lux 92 Skis from Salomon. Achieve on-piste confidence with new all-mountain experiences with features like the All-Terrain Rocker that allows for floatation in soft snow with precise steering and manoeuvrability for maximum quickness and agility. Spaceframe is made out of an Inverted 3D Woodcore inserted with Carbon Flax and Power Transfer Platform for superior ski to snow contact. Make the most out of the mountain this season with the QST Lux 92 Skis. This ski is available in sizes ranging from 153 to 169.

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Addition of wood in the core for stability on snow and rebound as well as smooth ski to snow contact and filters vibrations.


Lightened construction to significantly reduce the weight (20% lighter) of the boot and make it feel like an extension of your foot.

Sidewall Construction

The contents of a sidewall ski are protected and sealed in by a vertical material on the perimeter of the ski that is separate and distinct from the top material. The sidewall material is placed directly above the edge for additional reinforcement and support. This type of construction tends to have a more precise transmission of power due to the vertical nature of the construction process.

Carve Zone

The traditionally cambered section of twin rocker skis, where the sidecut is focused for more power, energy and edge grip.

Semi-Sandwich Construction

Combination of ABS sidewalls under foot and monocoque construction at the tip and tail, gives the smooth ski-to-snow contact of sandwich construction with the forgiveness and easy turning of monocoque.

All Terrain Rocker 2.0

With a slight tip and tail rise, All Terrain Rocker 2.0 adds an extra dimension of versatility and control for all mountain skiing. Camber in the middle of the ski and full length contact guarentees strong edge grip, stability and power for hard snow and piste skiing. In addition to the excellent terrain absorption and intuitive turn initiation, the slight twin rocker also allows the ski to pivot much easier when ski is flat, increasing control and maneuverability in all conditions.

Basalt Layer

Basalt fiber layer running the length of the ski provides outstanding dampening and vibration absorption.


Koroyd® is an energy absorber which is fully breathable and doesn't compromise impact performance. Koroyd's® open cell construction allows cool air in, while expelling hot air from the rider's head. The completely open cell construction integrates with internal channels to create the full Aerocore construction to provide ventilated protection.

Material: Spaceframe 3.0 AMB Inverted 3D Woodcore with Basalt fiber layer
Semi Sandwich construction
All-Terrain Rocker 2.0 | Carve zone
Tail protector and Koroyd® tip
Total edge reinforcement with single-layer titanium laminate
Hook free taper | Five-point sidecut
Power Transfer platform with titanal insert from edge-to-edge
Rubber Pulse pad
Semi Twin tail
Product ID#: 24766610

QST Lux 92 Ski [2018]

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