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 Speed S<Font>L</Font> S<Font>R</Font> Ski Pole


Speed SL SR Ski Pole


Only Ships to Canada

The Speed SL SR Ski Pole from Kerma is a World Cup Slalom race pole with a durable, lightweight-triangular aluminum shaft and World Cup grip.

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High strength, low weight alloy combining Aluminum, Copper and Magnesium. In the solution heat-treated and aged condition, mechanical properties are as good as, or better than, low-carbon steel.


A low-density and corrosion-resistant metal with good durability and conductivity properties.


This material is almost as hard as a diamond and provides optimal grip and excellent durability for highend ski pole tips.

Shaft: Aluminium Dural
World Cup strap | World Cup grip
Course 51 basket
Carbide tip
Shaft diameter: 18mm
Weight: 240g per pole
Product ID#: 24781080

Speed SL SR Ski Pole

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