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 X<Font>D</Font>R 84 Ti Ski + Warden M<Font>N</Font>C 13 Demo Binding [2018]


XDR 84 Ti Ski + Warden MNC 13 Demo Binding [2018]


Only Ships to Canada

Squeeze every ounce of fun from the resort with XDR 84 Ti Ski system from Salomon. It shines on everything from high speed groomers to fresh powder. C/FX keeps the ride damp and stable, but is very light to save energy for the last chair of the day.

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Full Woodcore

Wood from tip to tail for optimum stability in the snow.

Sandwich Sidewalls

A sidewall is the component that will aid in energy transmission to edge of ski. Laminated sandwich sidewall construction allow to combine different "layer" according to the targeted application.

Pulse Pad

A layer of rubber along the edges and in certain zones of the ski for smoother ride & improved ski-snow contact.

Single Ti Laminate

A single layer of Titanium laminate for great edge grip, efficient energy transfer and liveliness.


A light-weight, corrosion-resistant and strong material that can be formed into almost any shape desired and fine-tuned for specific strength where it is needed while allowing flexibility in other sections.

All Terrain Rocker 2.0

With a slight tip and tail rise, All Terrain Rocker 2.0 adds an extra dimension of versatility and control for all mountain skiing. Camber in the middle of the ski and full length contact guarentees strong edge grip, stability and power for hard snow and piste skiing. In addition to the excellent terrain absorption and intuitive turn initiation, the slight twin rocker also allows the ski to pivot much easier when ski is flat, increasing control and maneuverability in all conditions.

Full Woodcore | Carbon construction
Full Sandwich Sidewalls 360°
Single Ti laminate
All-Terrain Rocker 2.0 | Pulse Pad | Power Zone | 3 Points Tip
Weight: 6860g
Intended Use: All Mountain
Comes with Warden MNC 13 Demo binding
Product ID#: 24927709

XDR 84 Ti Ski + Warden MNC 13 Demo Binding [2018]

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