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 Experience 75 C<Font>A</Font> Ski + Xpress 10 Binding [2018]


Experience 75 CA Ski + Xpress 10 Binding [2018]

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now $314.99

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With the heart of a frontside carver and an easy freeride feel, the Experience 75 is the all-mountain benchmark for beginner to intermediate skiers. Featuring Rossignol's most versatile blend of rocker and camber and patented Air Tip technology, the Experience 75 offers elevated all-mountain performance for easier progression across all snow conditions. The entire mountain awaits - experience more.

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Cap Construction

Durable and lightweight "cap" skis are built by a sophisticated molding process that envelopes the core and internal materials with the top layer of the ski. Cap constructions can be assembled with a variety of different cores. These variations, such as glass and/or metal materials, are the determining factors of the skis performance.

Auto Turn

Rossignol's Autoturn is engineered with 70% traditional high camber underfoot while the remaining 30% of the tip and tail features low rocker. The high camber underfoot delivers power, energy, and edge grip for on-piste performance. The subtle rocker tip and tail delivers easy steering, and effortless speed control for better versatility in any terrain or snow type.


A light-weight, corrosion-resistant and strong material that can be formed into almost any shape desired and fine-tuned for specific strength where it is needed while allowing flexibility in other sections.

Air Tip

A Patented Technology exclusive to Rossignol! The tip is air filled for maximum lightness and constructed to retain maximum torsional rigidity. The ski's weight is redistributed, freeing the tip and tail of the ski and providing greater ease, security and versatility. The fact that the center of gravity is closer to the center of the ski concentrates strength under the skier's feet.

Poplar Wood

Poplar is one of the most common utility hardwoods in the United States. Though the wood is commonly referred to simply as "Poplar," it is technically not in the Populus genus itself, (the genus also includes many species of Cottonwood and Aspen), but is instead in the Liriodendron genus, which is Latin for "lily tree."

Poplar Wood core
Air Tip | Cap construction
Carbon reinforcement
Auto Turn Rocker
Sidecut: 120 - 75 - 110 mm
Skill: Beginner to Intermediate
Usage: All-Mountain
Comes with Xpress 10 binding
Product ID#: 24955205

Experience 75 CA Ski + Xpress 10 Binding [2018]

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