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 Typo 155 Snowboard [2018]


Typo 155 Snowboard [2018]

Only Ships to Canada

The Typo Snowboard from YES features baseline Full Poplar for tip-to-tail wood-core construction that strikes a predictable balance between durability, consistent flex and light weight. Sintered Spec base gives you an extra gear, and a slightly set-back stance keeps your powder stashes a priority when choosing where you go next.

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Sintered Base

Ultra-durable and highly porous.

Biax™ Fiberglass

Features a jib-friendly, low-torsional flex and forgiving, park-friendly feel.


By stepping the outline in under the bindings (rather than out), it disrupts the surface area that has contact with the snow while the board is on edge. Without any extra rider effort, this disruption effectively increases edge pressure on the areas where you need it most, helping to initiate and hold your turn The effect is stable edge control and a very confident, enhanced arc in your turn with no drag.


Camrock represents the best rocker/camber combination in snowboarding today, and has taken our entire board line up a notch. This tried and true camber variant will not disappoint for overall mountain performance. With camber between the bindings and rocker evenly distributed in the nose and tail, this is the all-mountain, all-conditions camber that will leave you stoked and smiling from ear to ear. Standard Camrock is the camber choice of our pro team and staff. It is the best hybrid rocker/camber profile on the market today - bar none!

Poplar Wood

Poplar is one of the most common utility hardwoods in the United States. Though the wood is commonly referred to simply as "Poplar," it is technically not in the Populus genus itself, (the genus also includes many species of Cottonwood and Aspen), but is instead in the Liriodendron genus, which is Latin for "lily tree."

Full Poplar wood core | Biax™ fibreglass
Sintered Spec base
UnderBite edge
Camrock 4-4-4 profile | Directional Twin shape
Waist Width: 25.1 cm | Length: 155 cm
Sidecut: 8.1 - 7.4 - 8.1 mm
Product ID#: 24959157

Typo 155 Snowboard [2018]

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